A successful trajectory of growth and evolution, from raw materials and additives to functional ingredients of high technology and innovation.

High level commercial ethics in customer service.

Permanent update of the product portfolio.

Final product competitive in quality and cost.

Commitment to all sectors of food industry and related.

Wide line of high quality functional ingredients.

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About Cordis


urrently, Cordis is a company with an average annual growth of 10%, commercializing in industrial segments such as meat processors, bakeries, ice cream, juices, dairy products, cheese makers and others.

Cordis was founded in 1960 as a distributor of starches and derived products, growing towards the line of industrial raw materials, such as additives and ingredients for the industry working with national suppliers.

During the 90s, with the opening of the Argentinean market, Cordis began to look for the best and most sophisticated suppliers in the world, in order to obtain representations and introduce leading products in the country.

With the new millennium, Cordis has set the objective of doubling its current sales growth percentages through the incorporation and improvement of products in the portfolio, to complement this line and take advantage of its current penetration in the key segments of the food industry.


  • Growth and leadership:

    Growth faster than the competition, being efficient in all areas of work, to ensure the benefits and build the basis of future growth.

  • Customer satisfaction:

    Satisfy the needs and desires of customers, by offering solutions and services that they recognize as key factors for the development of their final products.

  • Satisfaction of its people:

    Create a work environment that encourages staff development and growth, making Cordis a special place of work.

  • Satisfaction of the companies represented:

    Contribute to your business objectives, ensuring the presence and prestige of your brands in our market.

Our Divisions

Flour division

Processed meats


Dairy and ice cream

Sweet and oleaginous

Medicinal and Chemical

Industrial Technique


Our brands

Our wide range of products

Carminic acid.
Citric acid.
Phosphoric acid.
Lactic acid.
Malic acid.
Modified Starches / Pregelatinized.
Native Wheat / Corn Starches.
Antifoaming agents.
Sodium citrate.v Calcium chloride.v Release agent for Sweet or Salt dough.
Malt Extract Liquid / Powder.v Rosemary Extract.
Potato starch // Cassava.
Refined Glycerin USP.
Monosodium glutamate.
Rice flour.
L - Cysteine.
Paints and Covers for Cheese.
Propylene glycol.
Sorbitol Liquid / Powder.

Sugars and Sweeteners

Acesulfame K.
Common and Refined Sugar.
Sodium cyclamate.
Dextrose "Corelose".
Liquid Sweeteners and Powders SEC.
Fructose Powder / Syrup.
Syrups and Corn Glucose.
Liquid Secondary Sweetener Solution.

Cocoa and Derivatives

Bio Choc - Refined Carob.
Alkaline and Natural Cocoa
Cocoa Preto or Black.
Cocoa Red.
Cocoa liquor.
Cocoa butter.

Essences, Flavors and Colorings

Flavors Powders / Liquids.
Ice creams.
Caramel coloring.
Carmine Dye Powder and Liquid.
Ethyl Vanillin.
Vanillin / Vanillin.

Emulsifiers and Shake Agents

CorGel Pasta Emulsifier for batidos shakes
CorGel LMQ Agent Shake Powder.
CorGel SPG Powder Emulsifying Agent.
Soya Lecithin Fluid / Powder.
Diglicerido Mono 90-95%.

Gums and Thickeners

Carrageenan Kappa / IOTA / Lambda.
Garrofin gum.
Guar gum.
Tara rubber.
Xanthan Gum.


Wheat gluten.
Soybean Flours.
Semi Demineralized whey.
WPC Concentrated Milk Protein 35% and 80%.
Concentrated and Isolated Soy Proteins.
Plasma and collagen proteins.
Textured Soy Proteins.


Monocalcium phosphate.
Monopotassium Phosphate.
Tricalcium phosphate.
Meta and Hexametaphosphate.
Sodium acid pyrophosphate.
Neutro pyrophosphate.
Polyphosphates for Meat Industry.
Sodium tripolyphosphate.

Our e-mail addresses



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Cordis S.A.

Commercial offices

Carabobo 2087

(B1754FZG)Villa Luzuriaga

Provincia de Buenos Aires


(+54 11) 4659-7998 /8684 (rotativas)

(+54 11) 4443-1293 /4650-2722

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