Prevents the formation of fungi and yeasts.

Treated with Natamycin:
Fungicide that does not interfere with ripening.

Ideal for hard cheeses (Sardo, Reggianitto, Provolone, etc.)
and semi-hard (Pategrás, Fontina, Gouda, Edam, etc).
It does not affect normal cheese maturing. Prevents the
penetration of moths and mites
Gives a glossy finish and a better conservation over time.



- Performance per liter from 80 to 100 units.

- The turning of the cheeses is not necessary before its sale.

- It reduces costs due to turnovers and excessive drying.

- It forms a uniform film.

- Peelable.

- 100% adherent.

- Ideal for portions presentation.

NAPLAS is presented in plastic drums of 22 liters and 11 liters. and in drums of 200 liters.
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