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PROVIAN K of Niacet

Developed to preserve meat products.

• Available in solid and liquid format.

• It has antimicrobial properties against pathogenic bacteria.

• Cost-effective: dose of at least 50% less than other alternatives.

• Easy handling (dry product).

• No adverse effects on the organoleptic properties.

• It does not alter the pH or cooking performance.

Provian K is specially designed to preserve meat products with low sodium content. The production of low sodium meat products is being forced by various working groups around the world due to the proven link of sodium to increased blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.
In line with those sodium reduction products, Provian K can help meat manufacturers produce safe meat products with lower sodium content.


Ideal dressing for red and white meats.

• Made of high quality American walnut and oak.

• Provides smoky flavor.

• Standardizes the flavor and color to smoked.

• Increases productivity since it manages to skip stages in treatments thermal, and manages to reduce the smoking times.

• Increases the shelf life of products thanks to their natural compounds antimicrobials and antioxidants.

Humo Natural is an ingredient used in the food industry to provide a flavor and aroma similar to what they would have if they had been smoked over a fire or cooked on the grill or grill.
This aroma reminds us of that of wood burned in a bonfire and of foods that have been naturally smoked, such as smoked salmon, some smoked cheeses, sausages, botillos, etc. The term aroma can be defined in several ways, but it is important to note that it is also associated with olfactory perception due to the release of volatiles within the oral cavity, as part of the flavor of a food.

GOFOS of Galam

Promotes digestive health.

• Promotes the absorption of Minerals.

• Enriched with natural fiber.

• Reduces cholesterol levels.

• Helps to control the level of glucose in the blood.

• Helps detoxification by neutralizing toxins in the blood.

• Inhibits the growth of potential pathogens.

• Improves the immune system.

• Regulates inflammatory pathways in the body.

• Promotes Vitamin production.

• The DDR is only 2.5g / day.

GOFOS™ is a sweet and tasty soluble prebiotic fiber consisting of approximately 95% short chain fructooligosaccharides (sc-FOS). sc-FOS is naturally found in small amounts in many fruits and vegetables such as: onions, garlic, bananas, and asparagus. It is produced from beet sugar using an exclusive patented enzymatic process, which leads to the formation of three components: GF2 (approximately 37%), GF3 (approximately 53%) and GF4 (approximately 10%), with guaranteed proportions.

GOFOS ™: disponible en forma líquida y en polvo.

CITRI-FI of Fiberstar

Natural product free of chemical modifications.

• Plant origin, non-allergenic, non-transgenic and does not contain any E number.

• High water retention: retains between 9 and 10 times its weight in water.

• Emulsification: binding capacity of up to three times its weight in oil.

• Stable over long shelf life, and under difficult processing conditions.

• Stable to heat and pH.

• Fat substitute.

Citri-Fi is a natural citrus fiber that provides multiple functionalities that can be used to improve texture, nutrition, costs, and product labeling.

Citri-Fi Natural Citrus Fiber is commonly used to replace or reduce ingredients that may not be considered natural or clean label. Depending on the food application, Citri-Fi can replace specific ingredients while maintaining superior quality.

AIBI of Soyuzsnab

Extend the expiration of products.

• Applicable to all meat and bakery products.

• Produces a conservation of 15% to 20% longer than its counterparts.

• Prevents microbial damage in hot dogs for 90 days.

The natural preservatives AiBi ® are the result of the work of lactic acid, propionic acid and acetic acid bacteria, which ferment a nutrient medium containing carbohydrates, releasing organic acids and bactericidal components that can combat pathogenic microflora.


More than ingredients, solutions for your formulations.

• Guaranteed flavor and freshness.

• PH stability ideal for every need.

• Better water retention, less syneresis.

• Stable emulsions, optimal color and consistency.

• Malleable consistency and invariable quality.

Phosphates are used to maintain or buffer the pH. The color and taste of food are strongly influenced by pH.
They are also used to maintain alkalinity in the brine, in meat products, this helps to emulsify the fat and makes the meats soften. They also allow the muscle protein to open, which in turn allows water uptake and this is reflected in an increase in performance and a reduction in syneresis in the final product.
They are excellent sequestrants, which means that they can bind with impurities in the metals contained in the water, such as iron, magnesium, copper and also with calcium. This is important, as impurities can affect food quality and processing efficiency.
They are protein modifiers in meat and dairy applications, improving the moisture retention capacity and helping the stability of the phases in solution.