Historical review of Cordis S.A.
Leadership that is passed down through the generations.

When Juan Corlatti founded CORDIS in 1959, he based his vision on three fundamental pillars: shared leadership, quality first, and work as a source of development.

The company, which began as a distributor of starches and derived products, has been transformed throughout these 61 years, to become a first-level company in the line of industrial raw materials, in the range of additives and functional ingredients.

Logo used by Cordis in its beginnings.

This transformation was carried out thanks to the imprint that the founder contributed to the DNA of the company, and therein lies the essence of its existence, which, as its name indicates, the heart is placed in each of the actions that are undertaken.

The second brand with more presence and a more ambitious image.

This synergy continued through the management carried out by Albina Corlatti, as a result of the marriage of Juan Corlatti with his wife Patricia Sara Ezcurra, and was fully strengthened.

Clearer and more direct, the third logo used was already supported by the same text as the one used today.

Current times require facing risks and betting on permanent innovation. The new generation made up of Juan José, Claudio and Eduardo Feltrin Corlatti - grandsons of the founder -, is leading Cordis towards a future where the company's strategy focuses on the customer experience and the high quality of its products and services, making focus on joint teamwork with all its collaborators, several of them with more than 30 years of experience in the company.

The change is permanent, although the values ​​and tradition remain firm during the generations that make up this family business.