With a wide range of products for the beverage industry, we cover all the needs of the sector and support each undertaking and development of soft drinks, flavored waters, concentrated juices, powdered, energizing, vitaminized and isotonic juices.

Our brands

  • CorDox: line of antioxidants for fats and oils.
    RedCor: carmine dyes.
    Geltex 21: carrageenans.
    Proteimax: soy proteins.
    Solcon: concentrated soy protein.
    Prona: collagen proteins.
    Foscxel: phosphates and polyphosphates.

  • LĂ­nea de productos

  • Acidulants.
    Sugars and sweeteners.
    Preservatives and antioxidants.

  • Phosphates and polyphosphates.
    Gums and thickeners.
    Flavors and essences.
    Blotters and emulsions.